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Pre-registration (Link)


Manufacturers and importers must pre-register substances that are already on the EU market (so-called phase-in substances), if they want to benefit from transitional arrangements that allow registering them at a later stage. Pre-registration also enables registrants to share data with other registrants and avoid carrying out redundant tests. The pre-registration period is limited from 1 June 2008 to 1 December 2008.


Registration (Link)


REACH requires manufacturers and importers of chemical substances (≥1 ton/year) to obtain information on the physicochemical, health and environmental properties of their substances and use it to determine how these substances can be used safely. Each manufacturer and importer must submit a registration dossier documenting the data and assessments to the Agency.


Evaluation (Link)


The Agency will perform dossier evaluation to assess testing proposals made by the registrant or to check that the registration dossiers comply with the requirements. The Agency will also co-ordinate substance evaluation, which will be conducted by the Member States to investigate chemicals of concern.


Authorisation (Link)


Authorisation will be required for the prioritized substances of very high concern (SVHC) that are included in Annex XIV.


Companies applying for authorisation will have to demonstrate that risks associated with uses of these substances are adequately controlled or that the socio-economic benefits from their use outweigh the risks.


Applicants will also have to investigate the possibility of substituting theses substances with safer alternatives or technologies, and prepare substitution plans, if appropriate.


Restriction (Link)


The European Union can impose restrictions and prohibit or set conditions for the manufacture, placing on the market or use of certain dangerous substances or group of substances when unacceptable risks to humans or the environment have been identified.


Classification and labeling inventory (Link)


A classification and labeling inventory will be developed from notifications submitted by industry on substances classified as dangerous (including those below 1 ton/year) and from information on classification and labeling included in registration dossiers.


Communication in the supply chain (Link)


Suppliers of substances must pass on information on the health, safety and environmental properties and safe use of their chemicals to their downstream users (via a Safety Data Sheet or other means). Downstream users may only use substances classified as dangerous or which are persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT and vPvB) if they apply risk management measures identified on the basis of exposure scenarios for their use.


Enforcement (Link)


Enforcement of REACH towards companies is a task for the Member States.


The Member States shall maintain a system of official controls, inspections.  In national legislation they shall set effective, proportionate and  dissuasive penalties in national legislation.


In order to co-ordinate the enforcement of REACH, a Forum for Exchange of Information (“Forum”) will be established within the Agency.




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